Setting a Firm Foundation





Our primary goal through this initiative is to, as a church, go on a discipleship journey together to experience a life-changing encounter with God. Our hope and prayer is that The Ridge will experience the fullness of God's faithfulness as we step out faithfully in to the call God is placing on our church to create space to seek the lost and create disciples. We are faithfully believing in God that He is able to do above and beyond all that we could hope or imagine.


Our secondary goal through this initiative is to raise $4 million to accomplish the vision before us. We’re inviting our church family to join us in this vision that will propel us into the coming years of ministry at The Ridge.  This vision continues what we’re witnessing God do already through the ministry of our church and introduces new opportunities for our church and our community to Know God, Live free, Grow on purpose, and Go live out their faith and reach those who are far from God.  We have a vision that The Ridge will be a church planting church.  We want to live out the call God has placed on us all, to go and make disciples.  We’ve seen God do so much already, and we are not anywhere near being done!


We believe that with the Foundations initiative, we’ll reach new families with a fresh new exterior (GO). We’re also making space for new discipleship classes and student ministry spaces to (GROW) and make disciples. This project allows us to add a lobby area for new ways to Gather and (LIVE) in life-giving relationships. This lobby space also allows the opportunity to expand to two services, providing more ways to introduce people to Christ, and help them (KNOW) God. We’re confident that there are so many more families that God wants to reach in The Woodlands. As we expand and build upon these Foundations, our capacity to help people Know God, Live life in relationships, Grow in their faith, and Go make a difference, will impact our community in ways we’ve never seen and The Ridge will continue to fulfill the purpose God has called us to.


1.Pray Regularly - Pray that God would multiply our efforts to make disciples and make much of Christ. Pray that He would do abundantly more than we ask or imagine for His great name.
2.Commit Fully -
 Help us reach our goal of 100% engagement in Foundations. Stand side by side with your church family. Commit to do what God asks. Put your “Yes!” on the table.
3.Grow Intentionally -
Attend each Sunday from September 25 through October 23. Engage in the Foundations study with your small group. Learn all you can about God’s heart and will for you and your resources.
4.Give Generously -
Ask God to show you what it looks like to give in a way that changes you. Take whatever steps are required to see it through.


What are you asking me to do?

First and foremost, we are asking that you pray and seek God’s direction on what he is asking of you. Prepare your heart to hear him and then listen to what he says. Talk with your spouse, your Small Group, or others about what this commitment will mean for the next season of your life. We are asking that you make a sacrificial commitment to the Foundations vision—whatever it is that God leads you to do. Follow his leading. Finally, we ask that you prepare to be amazed. We serve an awesome God, and he is going to move in huge ways. We anticipate an unprecedented impact from our collective Foundations commitments—something only God can do. Please mark your calendar for Commitment Sunday, October 23, as we’ll be making a step toward this vision together.

What are the projected costs of construction and renovation?

The entire cost is approximately $4 million. This includes the new lobby, space for expanding our small groups and middle school ministry, outside gathering area, as well as staff office space. We are working with an architectural firm and contractors to have a quality construction plan for the best possible price.

Is it possible we might finance any portion of this project?

We would prefer to avoid financing if at all possible and are believing for the full amount. However, any funds needed beyond our Foundations commitments and current resources will be financed. We are committed to borrowing up to, but no greater than, $1.3 million.

What is our timeline for Foundations?

This is a three-year generosity initiative, so the giving timeline will be over 36 months. Some of us might choose to make yearly gifts, while others may choose to give monthly. Your commitment is built around your personal situation, so you can determine what works best for your family!

How can I give to Foundations?

There are many creative ways to give. You might choose to give out of your monthly budget, from your savings, or from other resources that you might have. We encourage you to explore the Generosity Journey portion of this book to see many of the ways that you are able to give.

When do I start giving toward my commitment?

On Sunday November 13, we will have our First Give Sunday. We will announce the total commitment from Foundations, give our first gifts toward what God is going to do through this vision, and mark the beginning of our three-year initiative.

What if I am new around here?

Foundations is about the vision for our church and our personal commitment to giving as followers of Jesus. We believe that the local church is one of the most compelling missions to give toward, and we would love for you to make The Ridge your home and join us in Foundations. If you are ready for it, this is a perfect time for you to put a stake in the ground and partner with us!

What if I have significant financial difficulties?

Giving isn’t about what God wants from you; rather, it’s about what God wants for you. It should be our joy and privilege to give at all times. If you are struggling with a large amount of debt or dealing with a recent job loss, you are responsible to care for yourself and your family through this difficult time. Spend time in prayer about the step to which God calls you and give joyfully in response. Please visit with one of the pastors if you need assistance with this or if you would like additional help, we can point you toward helpful resources. We would be honored to help you!

Are You Ready to Take a STEP of Faith?

Sacrifice:  Would you prayerfully consider what God might be calling you to give up during the next three years to allow you to give more to His Kingdom through the work of The Ridge?

Trust God:  Will you join us by trusting God in a way we have never done before? We need every person at The Ridge to unite in faith that God will work out all the details.

Everyone:  We can't do this alone. We can't do this with half of our body. We need everyone in our church to join together in unity as we stand up, take a step, and live a life that represents Foundations.

Pray: This journey is so much more spiritual than financial. Please pray for His wisdom, His courage, and His direction every step of the way.

Questions About Foundations?

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